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550ml Pet Portable Water Bottle

550ml Pet Portable Water Bottle

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Dog outdoor water cup, easy to solve the problem of drinking water for your beloved pet on the go

Pull up to open the spoutPress down to seal without leakage

Align the silicone stopper with the arrow when usingConvenient to speed up the flow of water, excess water can be better backflow

Food-grade silicone, take care of the health of love pets: made of food-grade silicone + PP material, resistant to falling and beating

Safe material, smooth surface: mother and baby grade material, ensure healthy and lively pets

Compact and cute, easy to carry: small and exquisite, easy to carry, can be put away when going out

No waste of water: stand the cup upright to recycle the water.

Main Feature:

Soft silicone, foldable storage, more space-saving1. Turn the silicone sleeve downwards2. Fold the water bottle from bottom to top3. Tie the water bottle with a string.

Large calibre sinks 550ml capacitySealed and leak-proofFoldable design

Small size and large capacity, walking water dispenser, to meet the daily outing of the pet drinking water, not afraid of no water to drink!

Large calibre drinking trough, drinking without constraints, the internal fit dog oral structure, so that the love of the pet drinking without obstacles more comfortable

Portable lanyard, carry it on the go, easy to carry outside, the lanyard is detachable, easy to hang at home

Can be detached to clean, refuse to hide dirt, each accessory can be detached, cleaning more in place

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