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Pet Training Toilet Tray

Pet Training Toilet Tray

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Bullet Points:

1.Potty Training Revolution: Our puppy dog potty tray features a mesh slat design, making it easier for your furry friend to learn to use the toilet.
2.Prevent Pet Mess: Heightened fence prevents urine splash. Worried about urine splash while puppy potty training? With this potty tray's raised fence, you can be sure your floor stays clean and dry. No more messes!
3.Durable and Sturdy: With solid frame construction and strong PP material, this puppy dog potty tray delivers consistent and lasting results, capable of handling your furry friend's potty training needs for years to come.
4.Convenient Design: Say goodbye to messy floors with this puppy dog potty tray. Its easy-to-clean appearance and absence of urine flow ensure cleanliness.
5.Easy Cleanup: Ideal for busy owners, this puppy dog potty tray provides a convenient solution for small animals like cats, rabbits and dogs.


Name: Puppy Dog Potty Tray
Material: PP
Size: about 40*30*11cm/15.74*11.8*4.3inch

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