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Pet Molar Teeth Cleaning Bite Ring Toy

Pet Molar Teeth Cleaning Bite Ring Toy

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1. There are a number of spike-like molar protruding points around both sides of the product, which can effectively clean the pet's teeth and prevent dental diseases such as tartar.
2. The appearance is small and portable, made of TPR material, good elasticity, wear-resistant and bite-resistant, easy to clean, and reusable
3. The shape of the double ring fits the pet's teeth better, and can clean the dog's teeth more meticulously
4. Three colors can be selected to meet the preferences and needs of different people
5. The best gift for your pet

Material: TPR
Size: 16cm/6.3"*5.8cm/2.28"*5.8cm/2.28"
Color: blue, pink, green

Package Included:1pc * dog chew toy

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