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Interactive Dog Outdoor Toy Ball

Interactive Dog Outdoor Toy Ball

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✔ Made of natural durable rubber, non-toxic, environmentally, chew-resistant, safe, soft and elastic.
✔ Dog football is very durable, but it is very soft to the dog's teeth, jaw and mouth.
✔ It is also easy to clean, unlike many plush dog toys that can breed over time.
✔ The stitching of the dog football is evenly stitched with nylon tags, which not only creates the capricious bounce that dogs like to chase, but also makes it easier for dogs to get, throw, drag and retrieve.
✔ The paws are evenly printed on the dog toy ball to attract the dog's attention.
✔ The design of the surface rope makes it easier for dogs to pick up, and the hexagonal texture on the outside and the long rope on the top make it easy to grasp and throw away.
✔ Ball dog toys have a lot of sensory stimulation, help your dog fight boredom and reduce naughty behavior, and provide lasting entertainment.

Name: Interactive Dog Outdoor Toy Ball
Material: TPU
Size (Approx.) :
19cm in diameter and 64 in circumference
17cm in diameter and 56 in circumference

1 x Dog Toy Football
The pump needs to be purchased separately

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