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Auto Recirculate Filtring Water Fountain for Cats

Auto Recirculate Filtring Water Fountain for Cats

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If you have a single pet or multi-pet household this is the fountain for you.

1.Fountains that imitate the flow of faucets captivate animals and encourage pets to drink more water. The pet are not frightened.

2.High-efficiency filtration system: Multiple purification systems can clean and soften water, while filtering hair, sediments and impurities to obtain more oxygen and freshness.

3.Easy to clean: The cat water fountain is made of high-quality PP, and it is easy to disassemble and clean; the transparent box allows you to observe the amount of filled water at any time.

4.Ultra-quiet work: No need to worry about interrupting you and your pet to rest.

5:Charcoal Filter

This allows your pet to have clean and healthy water! Simply rinse the filter under cool water (to get rid of any loose charcoal) and place it into the bowl. Replace the filter 1-2 times per month depending on number of animals using the bowl.

6:Easy to Assemble and Clean

The water pump easy to assemble and clean. If you ever have some build up just use white vinegar to soak the non-electrical parts in.


Material: ABS + PP + filter cotton + CharCoal filter

Packing: about 19*15*15CM

Capacity: 2.2L

The water Fountain offers a USB connection and a 5V pump.

Charging: USB (without adapter)

Suitable for: Universal for cats and dogs

How to clean your pump...

For the longevity of your fountain pump cleaning is essential. Please do the following 1-3 times per month depending on number of animals using the fountain.

1. Unplug.

2. Disassemble and rinse impeller under water.

3. Clear any hair or debris inside pump away.

4. Place impeller back in and spin a few times to set alignment.

5. Reassemble.

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